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Cadiz Spanish School

The Spanish school

Our Spanish school in Cadiz is located in the historical center on one of the most central streets of the city, surrounded by squares, bars, shops, university faculties and only 5 minutes from the beach! This ideal location allows students to adapt quickly to daily life in Cadiz. The school is situated in a beautiful Andalusian building dating back to 1886 and although it has been renovated to adapt to the needs of the students it conserves this period’s charm. The school has 5 fully equipped classrooms, a computer room, a library, a TV and audio room, a reception and a patio.

About Cadiz

In the deep South of Spain lies the Andalusian port Cadiz, capital of the same province. Cadiz is a splendid coastal city that is almost entirely surrounded by water and famous for its perfect sandy beaches. The ‘’Gaditanos’’ have a great passion for flamenco and you will notice this in the town’s daily life, especially in the well known districts Santa María or La Viña where you can find a more ‘authentic’ Spain. People practically live outdoors, which makes the city lively and pleasant to stroll around. Squares such as Las Flores and Candelaria are certainly worth a visit. Around the bay of Cadiz there are many old villages some of which are more than a thousand years old. The most well-known is El Puerto de Santa María featuring many open air restaurants and charming little shops. Cadiz is quite Moorish in appearance and is riddled with narrow cobbled streets opening onto small squares. Cadiz is also known for its famously wild Carnival celebrations which are not to be missed.


Our Spanish school in Cadiz organizes dif erent activities every week. Some of them are completely free, for example: literature and cultural workshops, a guided tour of the city, visits to the museums and regular movie showings. At an additional cost you can also enjoy i estas, BBQ’s, dinners, tapa routes, visits to the wine cellars, surf classes, ceramics, l amenco and excursions to Seville, Granada, Ronda and other cities of interest.

Our opinion

A piece of Andalusia not yet af ected by mass tourism, with the most beautiful beaches on the Spanish coast. A city with warm, extremely friendly people and a unique identity.

Spanish courses in Cadiz

Our Spanish school offers standard Spanish courses of 4 per day. Each lesson lasts 50 minutes and you can study from 1 to 48 weeks. Our language school in Cadiz is open all year round. The minimum age is 17 years and you will have a maximum of 8 students in any group. You can start your course on any Monday during the year, even if you are a beginner.

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