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Seville Spanish School

The Spanish school

The Spanish school in Seville just moved into a fabulous new facility: a typical Andalusian palace with 1200 square meters generously spread over 4 l oors! The school, ideally located in the Arenal district, close to the Cathedral, next to the 'Plaza de Toros' in the heart of the old city center, surrounded by shops and restaurants. The school has 18 classrooms, library, computer room, conference room, offices, a 300 m2 terrace with nice views of the Giralda and a patio, elevator, common areas where you can study and meet friends, all equipped with air conditioning. Facilities are fully adapted for handicapped students and visitors.

About Seville

If you want to get to know the folkloric heart of Spain - the scent of orange trees, the click-clack of flamenco shoes, brightly dressed women in polka-dots and the heat of the Andalusian sun - Seville is the city for you. Spain’s fourth-largest city and the capital of Andalusia, Seville nevertheless maintains the warmth and intimacy of a small town. To say that Seville possesses a rich history would be an understatement: it has seen the glory of the Roman Empire, the luxurious sophistication of the Moors, and the Christian reconquista, which eventually gave the city what is now the largest cathedral in the world.


Seville's prime location allows our partner school to of er trips to 2 dif erent countries - Portugal and Morocco - as well as local visits within the city, nearby beaches and small town treasures. These trips are scheduled for weekends. The most common weekly activities, held during the afternoon/evening, are: Sevillanas dance classes, Spanish movie nights, city tours...

Our opinion

Seville is a very complete city, and the rich mixture of its history and modernity will add value to your Spanish course. The “good life” is another of the traditions that the Sevillians like to maintain, as you will see from the many restaurants, bars and terraces that guarantee an entertaining and thrilling nightlife.

Spanish courses in Seville

The school offers General Spanish courses (2, 4 or 5 hours per day). Each lesson lasts 55 minutes and you can study from 1 to 48 weeks. Our Seville school is open all year round. A Junior summer program is available in July and August. The minimum age is 14 years and you have a maximum of nine other students in a group. You can start your course on any Monday during the year.

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